Cheap Christmas Presents

Santa is coming soon.  If there is one holiday that I really love and look forward to, it's Christmas.  Christmas for me, is all about,  eggnog, snow, yummy food, holiday cheer and the excitement that the opening of presents brings.  There is one part of Christmas that is a bit of a downer though - the spending!  No matter, how much I have set aside for Christmas or think that I need it always comes as a shock when the wallet is empty and the shopping is half done.   Are you ready to go out and purchase all of those Christmas gifts for your family and friends? No doubt they can get a bit pricey for you as well at times. Maybe this year you need to consider some cheap Christmas presents to pass out.   Remember, cheap doesn't have to be mean nasty.

I will never forget one snowy Christmas morning when I was about 13 years old. There were several Christmas presents under the tree that were not there the night before.  I wondered where they came from, hoping it was Santa, and crept closer for an inspection.  All the gift tags were from my stepbrother.  Suprisingly, he had  purchased a real gift for everyone in our family. This was a shock since he was only 17 years old and never previously a gift giver. Why all of the sudden did he want to buy gifts for everyone? Regardless of where he found his Christmas spirit, I chose to tear open my gift and see what exactly it was. As it turned out, the large box, beautifully wrapped, only had a pack of Bubblicios in it. So did everyone else's. Now that's what cheap Christmas presents are not all about. Sure, he got away with spending very little, but no one really wanted the gum. Anyway, he found the whole situation hilarious and we laughed too!

The subject of cheap Christmas presents is a rather tough one and certainly varies from person to person. What some people want to receive on Christmas, others don't - like my chewing gum gift!  This is why it's wise to consider your family as an individual unit for example; a board game is a great gift for a family unit as is a dvd or cd that everyone can enjoy. Think about the things they like and the cheap Christmas presents they would most likely enjoy. Just because you don't spend a great deal of cash, doesn't mean that your Christmas gift is lame or useless. One of my favourite places to shop is online and especially the online auctions like ebay.   As long as you have a clear idea of what you want and your budget you can find some great cheap Christmas presents there.

Here's a great cheap and cheerful gift I've found for the man in your life....

Keepin' It Reel Fishing Boxer Shorts Gift Set (Small Only)
Price: $4.99
This adorable gift set includes one pair of cotton knit "Keepin' It Reel" fishing boxer shorts and a fish pen complete in a gift box.

check out this great card .... a memory keepsake and greeting all in one!
Simple Gifts
Price: $2.95
Who'd unwrap gifts if they looked this good? Include not 1, not 2, but 5 photos on this festive holiday card! Dimensions: 4.75 x 4.75' folded Other Details: Matching square envelope provided. Additional postage required. Postage not included.

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